Pat Conroy Office Cleaning Sydney takes care of all your cleaning needs by offering you a great variety of cleaning services. We provide commercial and domestic top-notch cleaning in Sydney, Australia. All our cleaners are well vetted, well mannered, insured, and trained to use high-end equipment in delivering their services.


We believe that when cleaning services are provided in a professional way, it boosts the health and performance of your staff and increases the trust your prospects and customers have for your brand.


We are a professional cleaning company that employs the best cleaners and technology to provide high-quality cleaning services. We also employ the best technology and innovation to provide an on-demand response to your cleaning needs.

The Cleaners

Pat Conroy Office Cleaning Sydney is one happy family where everyone is happy and highly motivated to do their jobs. Our cleaners go through extensive training sessions to learn all aspects of cleaning. Hence, our cleaners can tailor their services to meet your cleaning needs. If skills, expertise, and heart are not enough, then know that our cleaners are equipped with the best cleaning equipment and detergent that are not common in stores.

The Founders

Two men with a burning zeal to provide reliable professional cleaning services to all who are in need of cleaning services in Sydney founded Pat Conroy Office Cleaning Sydney. They met when Patrick Logan (director / Marketing) needed a cleaner, and was fortunately referred to Mike Conroy (Director / Operations) who was running a small cleaning business with just him and one other employee at the time. Impressed by the service he received, Pat asked Mike if he was interested in expanding and starting a new business venture with him. They started this brand with the simple ideal to start a cleaning company that offers the best experiences to both clients and cleaners.
12 years later, the business has grown to over 10 employees servicing over 80 locations.