What is included in office cleaning?

It’s standard for Commercial Office Cleaning companies to provide you with a scope of works which will include a checklist of services explain what will be done during each cleaning visit.

Our cleaning company will put a tailored cleaning plan together according to the needs of your office so you are only paying for what is required –

Daily Office Cleaning Checklist

Your office represents the professionalism of your business so you want it to always cleaning and inviting. Neither your staff or customers like to go into a dirty office and everyone appreciates a well organized and clean space which helps them feel more comfortable and be more productive.

Additionally, areas such as toilets and washrooms can be full of bacteria which spread sickness and disease so having it cleaned regularly will reduce the likelihood of absenteeism.  The same can be said for common areas and kitchen break rooms where employees have their lunch.

Here is an example of a standard office cleaning checklist used by our cleaners –

Reception Area

  1. Empty rubbish and change bin liners
  2. Vacuum carpets and hard floors
  3. Dust all surfaces such as chairs, computers and desks
  4. Wet wipe all horizontal surfaces
  5. Mop floors with PH neutral detergent
  6. Sanitise door handles and frames
  7. Clean glass entry doors of fingerprints
  8. Polish stainless steel handles and remove marks on cabinets
  9. Spot clean walls and remove any marks
  10. Wipe down elevator and stair rails
  11. Ensure items are arranged neatly

Kitchen, Toilets, Staff and Break Areas

  1. Empty rubbish and replace bin liners
  2. Stock all consumables such as toilet paper, tissues and soap
  3. Dust all areas
  4. Polish stainless steel and mirrors
  5. Wipe and sanitise hand dryers
  6. Wipe down cubicles and remove marks
  7. Clean splash backs and remove marks from walls
  8. Vacuum and mop all hard floors
  9. Disinfect toilets and toilet bowls
  10. Spot clean glass and doors

This office cleaning checklist just outlines the most basic cleaning procedures that our cleaning service provides and it is recommended to have a more detailed clean at least once every 2 months to keep the cleanliness under control.